Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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Through Ch. 7 bankruptcy, which is also known as a “straight bankruptcy,” you can receive relief from creditors and start fresh. This legal tool allows you to keep all or most of your assets unless you have unusual luxury items like boats or second houses.

When we represent you in a chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will receive protection from creditors, eliminate your debt, and say goodbye to the overwhelming feeling of drowning in debt. We can help you breathe easy, sleep well, and move forward knowing that you have a brighter future free of debt.

If you are in a severe financial trouble and if you need help, our team will assist you to call on Chapter 7 and enable it to resolve your debts. We will assure a fresh financial start and ability to start from the scratch. Our company will help you discharge all unsecured debts.

We will help you understand the real meaning of Chapter 7, and introduce you with all of its details. We will explain who has a right to call on this “straight” bankruptcy. For example student loans or criminal obligations and some of IRS debts are not included and discharged by it.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy

The point of chapter 7 is the fact that you need to surrender your property to the court. This way you will erase the debt thanks to the fact that your property will be divided among the debt’s creditors. The best thing about this chapter is the fact that the court isn’t allowed to repossess your house and vehicle, two necessary things for a living.

The way your attorney team is handling the situation will determine the time needed to resolve the debts. Our team is one of the most reliable in Dallas.

We will help you avoid or overcome all unexpected obstacles you can run into during the process, such as the fact that nowadays only a person who earns more than the median income for your state is eligible for this chapter.

If you are a citizen of Dallas State, there is a solution for you. In this case, here in our company, we calculate the gross income of your entire family and file for Chapter 13.

Our attorneys always manage to find the way out, with our thorough work and the knowledge of the “straight bankruptcy” law you will never lose a case. We will help you use this law in the best possible way. We will help you receive relief from creditors and finally start again.

The most important thing is that we will help you keep your assets or at least the most of it. This way you will receive the highest protection from your creditors and eliminate your debts in the shortest possible time.

You will not have to worry at all. We will protect you and prevent you from drowning in debt. With our care, you will be free to sleep tight again and to breathe easily without the overwhelming feeling of falling to the bottom.

No matter how desperate you feel, with our professional help you will get out from that difficult situation in no time. We are a trustworthy company that has been dealing with the bankruptcy problem for years.

We didn’t and we won’t lose any case no matter how difficult it is. We are the most experienced company in Dallas specialized for “straight bankruptcy” and you can be assured that you can rely on us anytime.

If you are concerned about your privacy, you shouldn’t have any worries. We are reliable and highly confidential. No information about you and your financial state is going to be revealed.

For all other information, you can call us or send us an email with all the questions that come to your mind.

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