Consumer Bankruptcy

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Are you looking for a fresh start for your family? Families and individuals who have become late on payments or have become overwhelmed by debt can turn to our firm in order to receive relief.

Through chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcies, our firm can help you wipe out debt, keep your existing assets, and move forward without all the stress that you may be experiencing right now. Call today for more information.

If you are overwhelmed with debt and you need a fresh start, our company offers you consulting and the most effective solution through chapters 7 and 13, depending on your financial situation.

consumer bankruptcy

No matter what you’ve heard you shouldn’t consider bankruptcy as your last resort. We are offering a way out for any kind of financial trouble. We are offering you a plan and complete reorganization of your finances.

To avoid losing your rights by delay it is highly important to get early advice and consulting, which is exactly what we are offering. With our help, you will prevent foreclosures and repossession. Our professional team will do all the research instead of you just in time.

We will explore all the alternatives to bankruptcy, such as out-of-court settlement with your creditors or reduction of payments to creditors and some mortgage modifications.

Here in our firm, we will explain you all the possibilities of bankruptcy, what it can and cannot do. For example, with bankruptcy, you can eliminate the legal obligation to pay most part of your debts in some cases even all of them. This way you will get a fresh start in a financial sense. This term is known as a “discharge”.

Thanks to this option you will be able to prevent repossession and keep your vehicle or any other personal property. We will help you stop foreclosure on your house or wage garnishment. We will arrange you lower monthly payments on your debts and a lot of other conveniences that you can get with bankruptcy.

However, there are some situations when it is impossible to cure a financial issue. For example, sometimes you won’t be able to modify certain rights, to protect all cosigners on your debts.

If you have a relative or a friend as a cosigner on your debts, in some cases he or she won’t be discharged. So even if you are discharged of debt, your cosigner isn’t. This means that not all are protected on your debts, and you have to pay attention to that.

The second thing you need to know is the fact that not all kind of debts can file for these chapters. We will introduce you to some of them. First of all, student loans are not included in the group of debts that can be recovered by bankruptcy.

Criminal fines and most of the taxes, child support and alimony are also on this list. For all other loans, you are free to file for bankruptcy chapters.

No matter what kind of situation is at hand, we will provide you the most efficient consulting and help you’re to find the fastest possible way out.

We will investigate all pros and cons instead of you and before you decide to take any action. The first consulting session is always free of charge and you are free to ask whatever you don’t understand.

After you see the real picture of your state you can decide if you are going to hire us or not, everything is up to you and we respect your opinion and decision.

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