Credit Card Relief

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We can eliminate credit card debt. If your credit cards have spiraled or slowly grown to levels that you simply cannot handle, our law firm may be able to help you through chapter 7 credit card elimination or through chapter 13 credit card repayment.

In both chapter 7 and chapter 13, you will likely only pay back a small fraction or nothing at all on the credit card balance.

If you have been making minimum payments and the balances are simply not decreasing or if you have become unable to pay the credit cards at all, our law firm can help you erase these credit card balances through bankruptcy. Call our office today to learn about how to receive real, true relief from credit card bills.

credit card relief

Thanks to our experience and our team of experts, one of the most famous in Dallas, you will finally be able to pay off your card debts and deal with carrying a high balance. Our mission is to help you pay them off and take all necessary steps to eliminate your debt. With the proper counseling and an efficient program, you will finally be able to prevent yourself from drowning in debt.

We offer you relief programs. As one of the most experienced teams in the country, we have helped thousands of people to recover and to take control over their finances. If you want to find out more about relief programs that we prepared you can contact us and get all necessary information that you need for a new start, and all that completely free of charge.

Our program is based on evaluating your situation from the very beginning. After this, our next step is to set a budget you can live with while we are dealing with your credit card balance. Depending on your situation, sometimes we can offer you to enroll in some of our debt relief management programs.

The type of program we are going to offer you depends on the severity of your situation. In most cases, we will consolidate your payments to creditors. You will have to make only one payment to our firm and the rest is on us.

We are the one responsible for the distribution and organization of your money; in return, you will get out of a difficult situation in less than a year depending on the credit debt.

We will do everything instead and for you, if there is a need for negotiations we will take care of it. If you need more time we will buy it for you.

We will present our plan to the creditors and explain to them that you are taking all the steps needed for reducing your debts. In this case, they are often willing to forgive charges.

With our professional help, you will be able to reorganize your financials and simplify the situation by making the most convenient monthly payments.

Therefore you will be the one that is going to decide what amount you will be paying until you pay off your debt.

You can even choose the date that is most convenient for you. Basically, you will determine all the rules and the only thing you need to do is to follow them. You can rest assured that your creditors will not change anything in the contract as long as you respect deadlines and everything that you had established previously in the contract.

You will finally be able to relax and sleep tight without worrying about your balance. We offer you a way to discipline yourself and finally take over the control again and stabilize your financial situation within 5 years. You will finally feel relief and be able to pay off your debt.

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