Foreclosure Law

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We can stop foreclosure. We can prevent your home from going into foreclosure at all. And we can help you walk away from your mortgage if it is simply too much for you to afford. Each situation is different, but regardless, we will do our best to come up with a solution that makes sense in your situation.

Whether using a chapter 13 repayment plan to catch up a mortgage that is facing foreclosure, or filing a chapter 7 case to wipe out a foreclosure that has already happened, we will do our best to offer you relief.

We can also offer a strategic default, through which we buy you time to get out of the home if you would like to move on to something more affordable. We can often provide 5-6 months minimum in the home if we file a chapter 7 case before the foreclosure sale date.

Foreclosure Law

Call us right away to learn more about options to stop foreclosure immediately, prevent home foreclosure, or to eliminate liability from a previous foreclosure.

Many reasons contribute to foreclosure. Some of these are job loss, sudden illness, family death, divorce, job demotion, debts and many others. Sometimes it is very hard to avoid foreclosure and the future may seem really grim. However, you should not despair because there is always a way out. Call us and we will gladly help.

We will reach out to you with a helping hand and our experts and trained operatives will immediately start to work on your case. You can count on us to solve your debt problems and drag you out of the seemingly imminent foreclosure. You still may be able to save your home; it is never too late if you call us.

There are several options you have in front of you when facing foreclosure. All of these demand time and effort to successfully carry out. For that you will need our help, that is to say, the help of or trained experts. Our consultants are specially prepared and have taken proper education in order to understand all the specific details of the foreclosure regulations. You can be sure that nothing will be left to chance and every step of the procedure will be carefully thought through. All, of course, in your best interest.

As we said, several options lay ahead of you when your home is close to being foreclosed. If you are only days away from foreclosure, your best bet is to stop the sale of your home by filing for bankruptcy. Naturally, our consultants will handle the whole procedure. An institute called automatic stay allows you to immediately apply the laws so the foreclosure is stopped in its tracks. This prohibits the lender to follow through with the foreclosure and sell it.

Until the bankruptcy process is finished, the foreclosure is halted and you are allowed to remain in your home and reorganize your debts, with our help, of course. The lender has a motion he can use to proceed with the foreclosure, the so-called motion for relief from the stay.

This motion, however, can work only with one or two months of delay, which also gives you extra time so our experts can help you.

Furthermore, there are two possible ways to approach your bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to keep your home because you get to restructure your debts. With our help, you will soon understand all the benefits of Chapter 13.

You will be given a period of 3-5 years (in most cases), sometimes even more than 5 years, to reorganize yourself and work out a repayment plan. This way you avoid foreclosure and stay in your house.

On the other hand, the chapter 7 bankruptcy delays the foreclosure process and gives you a bit of time without making payments.

You can then take advantage of this few months that you have so we can help you work out a deal with your lender. Whichever way you decide to go for, our assistance will always be at your disposal and our consultants will do everything they can for your best interest.

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