Garnishment Protection

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If you have been sued, and the opposing party obtained a default judgment, then you risk having your bank account garnished or “levied.” Through protection under chapter 7 or 13 of the federal debt relief laws, you could be entitled to have this freeze removed from off your bank account.

We can remove bank garnishments in as little as 24 hours, but you will need to call our office right away. Not every situation is the same, and by calling our office, we can help you receive relief from this difficult situation.

If you do nothing, then the money will leave your account within 30 days and once the money is out of your account, it is gone for good. But if you qualify for bankruptcy and the money in your account is exempt under federal bankruptcy law, then we may be able to help you get that money unfrozen and back in your hands.

garnishment protection

Garnishments allow the lender to go after the funds you have on your bank account. In case you have a standing debt towards your lender and it is up for payment, the lender has the garnishment option. If you are late with your payments, the lender can „attack“ the money sitting in your bank account.

Yet, the law gives you several options to remedy this situation, but you have to act quickly. As we said above, once the money from your bank account is garnished, it is gone for good. So, as soon as you find out that your loan is late and the lender wants to take action, give us a call.

Our legal experts will answer your call right away and lead you ahead with advice on how to act. Of course, things can always go either way, but not acting is the worst thing to do. Do not hesitate, call us immediately and help will be straight on the way.If your paycheck or your bank account are garnished, things will quickly go from bad to worse.

For example, you might not be able to service your other debts; you might not be able to pay your rent or mortgage. You might be in even worse situations like not being able to pay your utilities or even groceries, your children’s tuition, insurance, mechanics and even food or medicine. This situation will also severely diminish your good relationship with your employer and cause additional stress.

However, these situations can be avoided, not just by early planning, which is always recommended, but, if the situation worsens, with the help of experienced professionals like our company. Give us a quick call and we will scan your situation in an instant and immediately take action.

Speed is crucial in these situations and the sooner your talk to us, the better. The most obvious thing you need to know to protect yourself from garnishment threats is to understand that the lender needs a court order to garnish your bank account.

The court needs to assess the claims the lender and make the ruling in his favor. We will be here for you every step of the way to ensure your claims and resources are protected.

One more option that we can utilize for you is to declare bankruptcy so you can get rid of the debt towards your lenders. Bankruptcy can be filed at any moment during the court proceedings before the lender has sued you or after.

Furthermore, even if your accounts or your paycheck fall under the garnishment process, you will be protected. We will ensure that your legal rights are used to the full extent and that your interests are protected.

Whatever legal remedies stand at our disposal to improve your position and protect your interests from garnishment, be sure we will use them for you. All you have to do is call us and let us do our job, professionally and with integrity.

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