Garnishment Removal

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We can remove or block student loan and IRS garnishments. If you have been garnished, call our office and we can review options. While bankruptcy does not always provide a long-term solution to student loan or IRS garnishments, it can block them for a time to give you breathing room.

In cases where you have had your check garnished from out of state, filing a chapter 7 could allow you relief and completely eliminate the garnishment from your wage. Call our office for more information about whether you qualify to have the garnishment removed or blocked.

Sometimes clients are not able to elude garnishment. The court decides that the lender’s claim is legitimate and the debtor’s accounts are garnished.

garnishment removal

Even then, you, as the debtor, have a chance to improve your position. Our employees will guide you about the available paths you can take and remedies which will make your life easier. All you have to do is quickly call us and let us work with you in your best interest.

Garnishments are very difficult and cumbersome. They can hit your budget very hard and are sometimes very difficult to remove. Yet, there are a few options available, even when the situation seems dark. Bankruptcy is not always the exclusive answer and a number of possible ways exist. We are happy to consult with you on the best strategy in order to get your finances back in shape and your life back on the right track.

As we mentioned above, you should have in mind that the order of the court to have your paycheck or your bank account is not without remedies. For example, many states’ legal systems require the lender to send one final warning letter before the actual garnishment takes power. Usually, this letter goes by the name „demand letter“. Our consultants will be quick to react and advise you on the choices you have.

First of all, it is good to understand that creditors prefer voluntary reaction from the debtor. This means they like it better when the debtor himself decides to proceed with the payments without the actual garnishment taking place. This is because the garnishment process takes a while and it involves a lot of paperwork, making it costly as well. You can use these facts for your own benefit and we will work to negotiate a better payment plan with your creditor.

Also, we will work in unison with you to understand your financial state and to point out your economic hardships and the fact that garnishment can endanger your family. Also, bankruptcy, even if it is considered a good tool to remove the garnishment motion, sometimes works as the best option possible.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy will allow you some time to reorganize your finances and, eventually, eliminate the garnishment. We can provide all the necessary advice and undertake all the actions needed in your favor and for your best interest.

Furthermore, garnishment can only encumber your paycheck to a certain degree. We will point out all the necessary facts and figures to present this so your limitations are as low as possible. IRS and student loans require different calculations, for example.

We will make sure that all the procedures have been undertaken in full and that your rights and all the legal possibilities you are entitled to are employed in full. A solution best for your interests is only a phone call away, so do not hesitate to call us and our experts will immediately start working to protect your property.

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