Protection from Creditor Harassment

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Our law firm can provide a shield of protection from creditor harassment. Through the automatic stay of bankruptcy, it becomes immediately illegal for a creditor to call you seeking to collect on the debt once we file the case.

If they call you in violation of the automatic stay, we can hold them in contempt of court and sue them for breaking the law.

By protecting our clients from collection harassment, we help provide over all relief from difficult financial situations. Our goal is to help you move forward and get a fresh start, and to do this, we need to help you get rid of harassment so call us today so that we can help you be able to answer your phone again without worrying about collection calls.

protection from creditor harassment

Creditors are occasional pushy and can be in violation of your rights. The fact stands that you, as the debtor, owe a certain amount of money to your lender and this money has to be returned as the contract stipulates.

However, this does not, by any means, allow the creditor to act unlawfully and treat the debtor wrongly and against the law. If you feel your rights in the debtor/creditor relationship are being violated, call us immediately. We will provide all the necessary assistance and find the right solution for your case.

How Creditor Harassment Protection Works?

Negotiations always help. It is never wise to bury your head in the sand and think that the problem will go away by itself. Call us and we will work together with you and try to seek the best possible solution. We will conduct negotiations with your creditor and strive to relieve your position.

The creditor will also act accordingly because he will understand your position if you show the willingness to repay the debt. We will do our best to present your case and work in your best interest. This way, you take preemptive action and avoid possible creditor harassment.

If it comes to that, if the creditor decides to put pressure on you, call us immediately. We will take proper steps, like writing a letter addressed to the creditor. We will ask the creditor to stop contacting you, which the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act specifically stipulates. This letter will give you a much better bargaining position versus collecting agencies and attorneys.

It will not, however, apply to the creditor himself, but most of the creditors will honor your move and contact you within the legal limits.

If the harassment continues, further action will ensue and our efforts will continue. More letters will follow so the creditor understands the negative impact his actions have and that the situation can only improve for him if the harassment stops.

It is important to note that once the bankruptcy has been filed, the creditor does not have any right to contact you. Before any contact, the creditor needs to get the court’s permission. This is a very quick and effective way to end creditor harassment, but you have to be aware that our consulting is paramount for success.

Bankruptcy should not be treated lightly and should be used as a last resort, and not only to resolve creditor harassment but your debt situation as a whole.

Our experts will do their best so that bankruptcy is avoided and less dramatic solutions bring about the resolve of your troubles. That said, make sure you give us a call in case your creditor harasses your and violates your rights.

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