Small Business Owner Bankruptcy

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Often when a business is experiencing difficulties, financial troubles are the first problems that the business owner experiences. Because of economic downturns, this pressure can become unbearable.

But through our law firm, you could receive relief from the personal liability that comes from debt from a business.

Small Business Owner Bankruptcy

Our law firm focuses on consumer bankruptcy, which means that while we don’t assist businesses in filing chapter 11 bankruptcies, we do assist owners in eliminating personal financial responsibility from the business. Examples of situations that warrant a ch. 7 or ch. 13 personal bankruptcy include situations where the business owner has personal guaranteed debts, leases, or other financial obligations of the business.

Filing to receive protection under chapter 7 or chapter 13 can allow you a fresh start to move on from your business and hopefully start another business soon or start a different chapter of your life through gainful employment.