Professional Bankruptcy Law Firm in Dallas

Let Weaver & Associates, Attorney at Law help you eliminate your debts and regain control of your financial future.

Debt struggle is one of the most common issues lawyers deal with and if you are experiencing similar problems, rest assured that you are not alone in this. We can help your debt right now if you are willing to talk to our team of lawyers.

Over the years we have dealt with thousands of bad credit cases and many difficult financial situations so our experience will always be the foundation for your problem’s solution.

We are among the best bankruptcy lawyer firms there are, with our years of service and many satisfied clients standing as a living testament to the claim.

How have we helped people?

Clients that used our services in the past were able to:

Get their homes back
Get their vehicles back
Put an end to the maltreatment of harassing banks
Put a stop to ongoing law processes
Get you back in control of your accounts
Cancel debt
Years of working with clients have put us in a unique position where we have thousands of different scenarios covered in our practice, and we can help you best navigate through any issue you might have with your bank.
This does not mean that we can win any case you put before us, but we can make the best case there is.
Our team of experienced lawyers was carefully selected and crafted to serve the needs of all of our clients, no matter the background and case details. There is no one that can provide you with more in-depth knowledge and assistance.

Should you go bankrupt?

Bankruptcy is one of the hardest things you might do, but there is no need to do it every time you get into financial troubles. Filing for bankruptcy is a solution that can be helpful only if a certain number of conditions has been met.

This is why, if you choose to trust us with helping your cause, our lawyers will carefully analyze your case and go through all of your financial details to make sure there is no better option. We will check your mortgage, car payments, insurance, medical history and family obligations you might have affecting you and then weigh this against the bankruptcy option. If the bankruptcy is the best solution, we will make sure that you know exactly why this happens.


If you are experiencing a real financial struggle and think you need a help of professional, you most likely do. Contact us right now, and our team of professional lawyers will take a look at your case and give you advice on what you might need to do next.
Sometimes, all you need is one phone call, and we can figure out a lot less painful solution to your problem, without severe and drastic measures, since some scenarios we have had experience with resolved just like that. You won’t know unless you contact us and get your case analyzed.